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We are Montserrat Events

vision. focus. deliver.

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Merry Christmas

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Montserrat Events was established to manage and operate musical & entertainment events in Lee-on-the Solent for the betterment of the community of Lee and Gosport as a whole. 


The events are designed to attract visitors to support the local economy and ensure the continuation of a thriving and prosperous community with the emphasis on supporting up and coming young musical & creative arts talent

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We create well planned and delivered events where we can cater for Bar, Staging, Sound, Lights, Music, Artists Entertainers, Food Vendors, Power and Security; all coming together to deliver a successful event for all to come and enjoy.

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For the delivery of the Lee Coronation Celebration overall project , which was organised and delivered by Montserrat Events through April and May to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III was supported by securing a National Lottery Community Fund grant. 

Thanks to #NationalLottery players for making our project possible. We’re bringing people together from the community and delivering many smiles. Thank you to #NationalLottery funding.

Market Changes

Moving forward we are pleased to announce that our markets will be known as the Smile Emporium. The word Emporium covers a wide range such as food, handmade & retail, meaning it covers all we will be offering and creating a visitor attraction with impact that a high quality events company like Montserrat is portraying.

As we get ready for 2024, the Smile Emporium will be bringing you an eclectic array of fabulous foods & hand-picked local businesses, offering you a unique shopping experience this coupled alongside entertainment & fun for all of the family at events throughout the year in the Spring, Summer, Autumn & Christmas including the introduction of local pop up Emporiums.

See more details here


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Please do remember to share these with your family and friends; and for those who would like have a stall then please register to have your pitch at our event(s) you would like to attend before they all sell out!

Montserrat Events C.I.C. provides a much loved and valued service for the community.

Did you enjoy the following events in Lee? Victory Festival Parade, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Community Celebration and Summer Sounds. These were all free events for the people of Lee and Gosport (and surrounding areas) to come and enjoy.

With the planned free events for 2024 utilising our "Smile Stage", which we will deliver to the same high standard, but in order to do this we have to secure the funding. 

We hope you can help us to achieve our goals and at the same time win something for yourself by purchasing a lottery ticket(s) for the Montserrat Events cause in the Gosport Community Lottery or by making a donation to a value you are comfortable with.  


We have many local residents who are already helping with the events bit there's always room for more to come and be part of the team, 


Our Event Crew known either as ‘makers/helpers/volunteers play a vital role in helping to create a successful day for everyone involved. Click on the button to find out more.


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